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Designed to replace current End-of-Line testers for existing or new installations

LARRSTEP Inc.’s End-Of-Line solution is the future of fire alarm system testing. No longer do Technicians need to spend
countless hours removing, testing and re-installing resistor covers for every zone in a system. This simple replacement plate
never has to be removed and allows the technician to test the zone, alarm and circuit in mere seconds.
Eliminates 90% of end-of-line test time. Permanently installs quickly and easily in about the same time as a regular test.
No more after testing service calls for broken resistors, ground faults pinched wires,
open circuits, missing fasteners etc.
Enjoy peace of mind for all future tests

• Save Time
• Save Money
• Proven
• Patented
• Tested
• Approved
• Recommended
• Available
• Cost-Effective
• Uncomplicated
• Guaranteed